domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Artículos de diseño industrial, arquitectónico, mobiliario, fashion etc.

KNSTRCT [kun’strukt] was launched as a digital magazine and created to captivate lovers of design in all of its many forms. KNSTRCT is geared to be a global hub of design and innovation, an online destination for art, interiors, architecture, fashion, travel and all other limitless definitions of ‘design’. This culmination of design ingenuity is intended to keep readers relevant, and inspire creative minds everywhere with visual stimuli and cutting edge conceptual ideas.

The easy to navigate website is truly a visual education. In addition to a daily stream of design updates, a magazine is distributed to subscribers quarterly. KNSTRCT Magazine provides readers with exciting features encompassing daily updates of design, designer insight and backgrounds, monthly spotlight interviews with designers, and an opportunity to submit and share designs.

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