lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Pro Media Tools - Process and Manage Media


Auto Transfer

Detects when a drive is inserted containing P2, RED, AVCHD or XDCAM media and can automatically copy it to your computer. It can copy to multiple locations at once and verifies the copied data to ensure its integrity.

Batch Renamer

Renames multiple files at once with options including find and replace, frame renumbering, frame padding and more.

Edit Detector

Scans video files to locate where edits and scene changes occur. Can output QuickTime movies, marker lists, Final Cut Pro XML files, EDLs and ALEs.

Gamma Shift Detector

Detects gamma shifts between source and destination media. It will tell you if the shift directly affects the pixels in the image or if it is just a mismatch in metadata.

Project Overview

Provides a complete overview of your Final Cut Pro project, allowing you view and batch edit all media, effects and markers.
Not supported by Avid Media Composer

QT Edit

Edits QuickTime movies. You can add and remove media, edit timecode information, modify chapters, change metadata and more. All changes are displayed in a real-time preview window.

Quick Bins

Generates bins in sequence (e.g. 1-100) or sorts media into bins based on specified criteria (reel, scene, file type, etc). Very useful for quickly sorting an untidy mass of dailies.
Not supported by Avid Media Composer

Render Watcher

Watches a set of directories, render files or Compressor batches and notifies you via a sound and Growl notification when renders are complete. Can be set to sleep, log out or shut down the computer when all renders are finished.

Timeline Tricks

Performs common tasks on sequences including replacing gaps with slugs, collapsing tracks, removing unused tracks and stripping filters.
Not supported by Avid Media Composer

Video Check

Scans a video file for illegal luminance values, flash frames and audio peaks and shows the exact frame where errors are occurring. Can output results to FCP marker lists, Avid locators, CSV and text.

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